The Secret to Winning Customers’ Hearts with Artificial Intelligence: Add Human Intelligence

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Consumers are increasingly aware and satisfied by AI-enabled experiences, but expect the human presence.

How consumers engage with businesses is evolving dramatically. Organizations are using this technology to achieve a range of business goals, such as: influencing sales, boosting operations, driving customer engagement, and generating insights. To understand AI’s impact on customer experience in particular, we have conducted this worldwide, cross-sector research to explore how consumers perceive AI and which interactions they believe could be better delivered by humans, which by AI, and which by a mix of humans and AI.

We found that consumers are increasingly more aware of when AI is being used by organizations; consumers like it, and they are becoming more prescriptive of when and how it is used alongside humans. In this report, we:

  1. Explore how consumers think about AI and their expectations from organizations while interacting via AI
  2. Assess how organizations use AI for customer experience and where they are missing the mark in terms of what consumers want and expect
  3. Recommend strategies for augmenting the customer experience in an AI world.

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