Adapting to Climate Change: How to Transform Climate Risks Into Business Opportunities

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This practical handbook highlights the opportunities of adapting to climate change and provides practical information on how to build a climate strategy, ranging from vision & mission to strategic initiatives.

2020 will remain on everyone’s mind as the year of the pandemic. However, trends towards sustainability have only accelerated, urging decision-makers to take decisive action. Fighting global warming and striving to achieve the objectives set in the Paris Agreement is no longer optional. Today, the commercial incentives for taking climate action are proving too big to ignore, while not taking any action may be fatal.

For this reason, we partnered with Cooler Future, a European climate impact investment platform, to:

  1. Highlight the key risks and opportunities that climate change poses to businesses and how companies can benefit from capitalizing on the opportunities
  2. Provide practical information on how to build a climate strategy, ranging from vision & mission to strategic initiatives
  3. Lay out a How-to for a company emissions’ audit
  4. Give recommendations on mitigating climate risks and turning them into actionable opportunities

The paper intends to be a starting point, empowering decision makers to adapt their business strategy for climate change. We condensed core climate concepts with case studies and key questions in order to help flesh out concrete actions for your business strategy.

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