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The speed of change is throwing traditional business methods into question and disrupting the relevance of entire industries.


Mit automatisiertem CRM lassen sich Kundenwünsche besser verwirklichen.


Mit Hilfe Cloud-nativer Apps können Kundenanforderungen in Echtzeit bedient werden.


Kunden werden dann zu Markenbotschaftern, wenn sie eine überzeugende, personalisierte Kundenerfahrung machen.


Unsere ERP-Expertise lässt Ihre Mitarbeiterprofitabilität steigen.


Einfachere Prozesse führen zu zufriedeneren Mitarbeitern.


Außergewöhnliche Kundenerlebnisse entstehen durch digitale Innovationen.

18. Ausgabe des European Energy Markets Observatory (EEMO) 2016

Erneuerbare Energien, unruhige Binnenmärkte und dezentralisierte Produktion und Konsum bringen Versorger in Bedrängnis.

2016 Trends & insights for Financial Services

Market Watch – The Year Ahead in Banking & Insurance Trends

Achieving culture shift

Capgemini’s Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE) helped supercenter operator Meijer reduce its SG&A costs and create a “culture of thrift” that increased competitiveness and enabled expansion.

AcUIty for North America

Optimize processes and minimize costs: AcUIty is an automated, web-based solution that enables unemployment insurance agencies to focus on what really matters.

Adaptive Technology

Measuring what matters to your customers and your organization is the shortest route to relevancy and engagement.

Advanced Mobility Services for Banking

Enhance customer centricity and drive business growth with advanced mobile capabilities

Advanced planning and scheduling

Business planning tools often lack the capacity to handle multiple and conflicting key performance indicators.

Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Aerospace and defense companies face specific assembly and integration issues.


The government’s agricultural services – from expanding and developing markets for products and services, to improving safety and nutrition – are critical to the nation’s health and well-being.

Air Traffic Management

Air traffic is expected to double within the next 10 years, and most major airports are already saturated. We can help your organization address the increasing complexities of managing air travel.

All Channel Experience

It’s not enough to be present on every possible customer contact point: you also have to deliver a consistent customer experience. Rethink your strategy and stand out from the crowd.

All Channel Experience (ACE) for Banking

The Capgemini All Channel Experience (ACE) for Banking solution provides a configurable, end-to-end, omni-channel solution that unites all customer platforms and front-end customer engagement systems.


Accelerate the transformation of your SAP landscape

Application Lifecycle Services

CIOs müssen heutzutage mit zunehmend komplexen Applikationslandschaften zurechtkommen und gleichzeitig Rationalisierung und Kosteneffizienz kontinuierlich vorantreiben.

Applications Unleashed

Show me your application landscape and I’ll tell you about your company.

Architecture Transformation Using BIAN

Banks are undergoing a massive transformation in their IT architectures to drive agility and competitive differentiation

Archive Retrieval Facility

A cost-effective, browser-based solution to address terminated policies during legacy conversions.

Asset Administration

Asset administration is critical for investment management firms. Administrators are increasingly challenged to provide additional middle office functions, including performance reporting and attribution analysis, risk monitoring and compliance reporting.

Äußere Sicherheit und Bundeswehr

Insbesondere die Gefahren und Risiken, die der Cyberraum mit sich bringt, stellen die Bundeswehr vor eklatante Herausforderungen.


Increasing software and electronics content brings new challenges for Automotive OEMs. Ensuring product integrity both internally – for consistency, quality, safety and reliability of the product and externally, – for consistency between a product’s performance and customers’ expectations, is driving the OEMs to restructure their organizations in readiness for the changing paradigms. This in turn is impacting the supplier expectations and processes with a need for new services.

Automotive Cybersecurity

Security in the automotive industry raises several distinct challenges around the connected vehicle, as well as in manufacturing plants and across enterprise IT systems. These challenges appear at each stage of the plan-build-run lifecycle. Every base needs to be covered in order to prevent, detect and respond to possible security threats

Automotive Marketing, Sales & Service

The vehicle buying process is growing increasingly complex, with consumers that have access to an unprecedented amount of information–to a high degree from social media, blogs, ad-hoc websites and an online independent press–, consumers that expect an individual customer experience, both digital and face-to-face, enabled by technology, such as VR and AR.

Automotive Supply Chain Management

Efficient supply chain management helps forward-thinking automotive companies reduce their costs. We draw on expertise in global emerging-market sourcing, master data management, order-to-delivery transformation and supplier relationship management to help you improve your automotive supply chain

AutomotiveConnect: Commercial Vehicles

The commercial vehicle business currently looks healthy, but even compared with the rest of the automotive industry it is a highly cyclical business, with OEMs well aware that they are extremely vulnerable to peaks and troughs in demand.

AutomotiveConnect: Heavy Equipment

The heavy equipment business currently looks healthy, with sales expected to increase across all segments. But despite the buoyancy of the industry, manufacturers face disruptive change, and they need to review their whole way of doing business to respond to current opportunities and challenges

AutomotiveConnect: OEM

Is your automotive company positioned to provide innovative, targeted services to Generation Connected throughout the customer lifecycle from interest and purchase to ownership and repurchase? We will steer you down the right digital transformation path

AutomotiveConnect: Retailer

Next-generation digital solutions offer insight into running the retail business holistically, and can help to ensure retailers stay ahead of the competition for the digital market of the future

AutomotiveConnect: Supplier

Tier 1 suppliers are generally doing well in today’s buoyant economy, but need to strengthen their position in advance of future disruptions. As a Tier 1 you know you have to tackle the need for global standardization, while at the same time continuing to innovate, and deriving more business value from data

Banking & Financial Services Partnerships

In order to bring the best possible solutions to our leading clients in banking and financial services, Capgemini has established global and regional strategic relationships over many years with leading industry technology and financial services innovators.

Banking Operations Transformation

Helping retail banks keep up with rising customer expectations for personalized and seamless services

Basel III Compliance Services

Capgemini provides an end-to-end holistic view and domain expertise to help firms go beyond minimum requirements and exceed shareholder expectations while avoiding costly mistakes


Proud Global Innovation Partner for the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series


For most insurers, billing and processing premium payments are key points of interaction with customers.

Blockchain im öffentlichen Sektor

„Blockchain erobert nicht nur die Finanzwelt, auch für den öffentlichen Sektor bietet die Technologie spannende neue Möglichkeiten.“

Border Management

Today’s rapidly evolving economic, political and social landscape is creating unprecedented challenges for border management. Governments must facilitate legitimate travel and trade while maintaining strong security at the border. For the past 25 years, Capgemini has worked with governments to implement new border management strategies and support transformation programs.

BPO Solutions for Media and Entertainment

„Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is having a measurable impact on the M&E industry. The early adopters are reaping the benefits and others are quickly realizing that they can expect more than cost savings from the right BPO partner. Major players from studios to publishers are driving improvements in working capital and revenue while better managing the impact of the digital revolution on their business.“ – Brenda Heath, Head of Media and Entertainment, Capgemini BPO

BPO Solutions for the Manufacturing Sector

Transform your manufacturing business into an agile, responsive enterprise across an ever-shifting business landscape through outsourcing built on analytics. From supply chain optimization, to streamlined back office operations, through integrated content and data management, our market-leading BPO offer has the solution.


Deutschlands Verwaltung braucht zukunftssichere, wirtschaftliche IT-Lösungen sowie effiziente, kundenorientierte Prozesse und Strukturen.

Business Information Management for Manufacturing

Globalization and fluctuating energy prices are forcing manufacturers to transform their operations and deliver greener products. Capgemini can help you communicate more effectively and improve your sustainability performance. Our tools further leverage your growing volume of data in order to make better-informed investment decisions.

Business Information Management for Media and Entertainment

Companies now have a wide range of data at their disposal. They can see the shows people watch, the movies they download, the music they buy, the videos they play and the social networking sites they visit. The question they face is how to turn this data into actionable intelligence

Business Operations

Machen Sie Ihre Transformationsziele greifbar durch kleine, praktische Schritte, die große, greifbare Ergebnisse liefern

Business Operations Support as a Service (BOSS)

Dynamically scale business operations to accommodate growth, change management and complexity with Business Operations Support as a Service (BOSS). The result is reduced cost and fewer resources required.

Business Process Management (BPM)

Our end-to-end Business Process Management (BPM) approach treats processes as assets that directly contribute to your business value and performance.

Business Process Management Enabled by IBM®

Drive process efficiency through our process-driven thinking combined with IBM’s industry-leading business process management (BPM) software and fuel your transformation journey today

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for Manufacturing

Transform your manufacturing business into an agile, responsive enterprise across an ever-shifting business landscape through outsourcing built on analytics. From supply chain optimization, to streamlined back office operations, through integrated content and data management, our market-leading BPO offer has the solution

Capgemini ASEs in North America

Experience the world’s most productive workplace, making collaboration seamless – connecting across the room, country, and globe in real-time, exemplifying intuitive ways of working, interacting with digital content, and generating greater participant ownership. 

Capgemini Constituency Response Management

Respond to critical situations in hours instead of weeks or months. Working closely with you to identify the service areas to enhance, we collaboratively create a scalable solution to respond rapidly. For emergency management issues including national disasters, drug interactions, and other public sector needs, we follow a proven methodology to assess your needs and tailor a solution that is low-risk. Our expertise in Odigo, our omni-channel contact center solution, and Salesforce helps you avoid the common pitfalls of solution development. You benefit from cloud-based performance and flexibility with Salesforce.

Capgemini Enterprise iPaaS

A cloud-agnostic platform enabling continuous and rapid delivery of new business services and APIs. You will unlock data held within the business, foster innovation, and accelerate business velocity and speed to market.

Capgemini Field Service Lightning Accelerator

Capgemini’s Field Service Lightning Accelerator extends Salesforce FSL with robust functionality to address complex capital assets that require onsite, corrective repair. This simplifies end-to-end service operations and increases customer satisfaction without the resource, time and cost incurred for clients to implement their own solution.

Capgemini Government Solutions

We are one of the few global players that can offer US government agencies a full range of advisory, implementation, and management services. Discover our services which range from Information Technology (IT) strategy, business consulting to innovation centers, solution development for data analytics, and digital transformation.

Capgemini’s Open Banking Marketplace

Financial services firms recognize the tremendous opportunities open banking provides to digitally transform, drive innovation, create a partner-services ecosystem, and unleash new business models to power growth. What’s less clear is how banks can take full advantage of those opportunities without exposing themselves to undue risk and costs.

Capgemini’s PSD2 Open Banking Solution

The EU’s second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) which came into force on January 13, 2018 aims to improve online payment protection, encourage payment services innovation, and make cross-border payments safer. Capgemini’s market-ready open APIs based solution helps banks and PSPs meet compliance requirements and turn PSD2 into a business opportunity.

Cards and Payments

As digital innovation and FinTechs capture the mindshare of today’s industry executives, traditional payments service providers are now challenged to deliver improved experience to corporate customers as well, while complying with evolving regulatory agendas across the globe.

Cars Online 2017 Beyond the Car

Information, at the right time; convenience, at every step – consumers tell us what they value in new research

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