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Capgemini kündigt erste Angebote für die Intelligente Industrie an: Mit 5G und Edge datengesteuerte Geschäftstransformationen ermöglichen

22 Okt. 2020

Die Chancen und Herausforderungen der digitalen Revolution durch 5G und Edge nutzen

Berlin, 22. Oktober 2020 – Capgemini stellte heute seine erste Reihe an Angeboten der Intelligenten Industrie vor, welche die führenden Fähigkeiten der Gruppe im Bereich der Daten-, Digital- und Industrietechnologie nutzen. Die neuen Dienste, die sich auf 5G und Edge konzentrieren, ermöglichen es Kommunikationsdienstleistern, Netzwerkausrüstern und Unternehmen aus verschiedensten Branchen, 5G- und Edge-Technologien im großen Stil zu implementieren. Mithilfe dieser Technologien können die Produkte, Ressourcen und Prozesse der Unternehmen die Innovationen und Effizienz innerhalb des Unternehmens steigern.

Da die COVID-19-Krise einen noch größeren Bedarf nach Weiterentwicklung in der Industrie hervorgebracht hat, befinden sich Unternehmen aller Branchen inmitten eines rasanten digitalen Wandels. Somit wird auch die Fähigkeit, Geräte zu verbinden, Daten zu sammeln und zu nutzen geschäftskritisch.

Im Anschluss finden Sie die vollständige englische Pressemeldung.

New offerings will help organizations seize the opportunities and challenges of the 5G and Edge digital revolution.

Paris, October 22 2020
Capgemini today unveiled its first set of Intelligent Industry offerings that leverage the Group’s pioneering capabilities in  data, digital and industrial technologies. Focused on 5G and Edge, the new services will enable Communications Service Providers, Network Equipment Providers and Enterprises across industries to implement 5G and Edge technologies at scale, so that companies’ products, assets and processes can unlock innovation and efficiencies within their business.

With the COVID-19 crisis putting a spotlight on an even greater need for industries to evolve, companies in all sectors are in the midst of rapid digital transformation. This means that the ability to connect devices and collect and utilize data is becoming business critical.

“We believe the future of industry is ‘intelligent’,” explains Franck Greverie, Chief Portfolio Officer at Capgemini and Group Executive Board member. “5G is more than just a faster technology, or an iteration of 4G. It’s a new global cellular communications standard, that is bringing a step change in connectivity for the Internet of Things and all industries. As digital technologies converge, every type of organization can start to do business in new and better ways – with intelligent products, intelligent operations, and intelligent support and services. Our 5G and Edge offerings enable our clients to make the right investments in the foundation of their data-driven transformation to prepare to take advantage of this next industrial revolution.”

Drawing on deep industry experience and technical expertise, Altran, part of Capgemini, has helped to develop a number of 5G applications. In Spain, Altran has been helping Vodafone deliver enhanced operations and maintenance with Augmented Reality (AR) for refineries; real-time monitoring of a drilling robot; search-and-rescue missions with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs); and new in-harbor services such as virtual ticket offices.

“5G is central to our strategy, and Altran has helped us accelerate our 5G network buildout, supporting a number of use cases that have a tremendous impact on people and enterprises around the world,“ said Carlos Becker, Head of Enterprise Marketing and Public Administrations at Vodafone Spain. “Altran has kept us true to our commitments to clients and helped enhance our subscriber quality of experience with scalable solutions.”

Capgemini’s first set of Intelligent Industry offerings reflect the Group’s expanded ability to design, develop and deliver tomorrow’s products and services.

Combining technology, systems integration and engineering expertise as one, to help organizations make the right investments in the foundation of their data-driven transformation – and monetize them, Capgemini’s new 5G and Edge offer includes:

  • Plan & Strategy – Digital Transformation: helping organizations identify 5G and Edge-based use cases tailored to specific sector needs, definition of a business case and creation of a digital strategy, architecture and transformation roadmap around these.
  • 5G Network Infrastructure: helping companies to engineer and navigate the complex network and technology ecosystem, design and build an end-to-end network, IT and enterprise architecture blueprint and roadmap.
  • Strategic Service Platforms: designing and developing service platforms covering solution frameworks for applications and services, and end-to-end Edge computing / Cloud.
  • Use Cases & Applications: helping clients to design, develop, set-up, test, and ensure return on investment of specific 5G and Edge use cases and applications (IoT, Edge, Cloud)
  • Ecosystem Orchestration & Integration: integrating and testing end-to-end solutions, to ensure convergence of network and IT based on industry specific process and operations expertise – coordinating integration of leading partners and open source solutions
  • 5G End-to-end Business & Operational Services: transformation of operational processes; run and manage private / public/ hybrid network / Cloud solutions, monitor use cases and business processes performance, ensure security.

Visit the website for more information about Capgemini’s 5G and Edge offerings.

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