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September 20th


Our annual lighthouse event “The Digital Retail Innovation Summit 2022” is on its way. We have finalized the date and are now compiling the agenda together with our clients to deliver inspiring success stories


03:00 – 05:00 p.m. : Client Stories

Inspiring client stories on successful digital transformation projects within our Consumer Products, Retail and Distribution community

05:00 – 06:00 p.m. : Break-out Sessions

Immersive Experience: The next Internet evolution – the shift from Customer Experience(CX) to Immersive Experience (IX)

Intelligent Supply Networks: Leveraging the right technology solutions to move from traditional supply chains to intelligent supply networks

Unlocking Innovation for Sustainability: How Consumer Products, Retail and Distribution industries can use technology to derive significant benefits and meet our biggest societal and planetary challenges

06:30 – 10:30 p.m. – Kitchen-Party

Kitchen-Party@Bulthaup Studio Köln Mediapark with star chef Maximilian Kreus

The new era of connected commerce – consumers demand for  everywhere commerce

During this year’s event we will focus on the dramatic shift in customer behaviors and expectations that have accelerated trends within the retail and consumer products industries. As digital and physical channels merge and shoppers expect a connected experience across all touchpoints, retailers must enable a bold omni commerce strategy – underpinned by data, fueled with technology and business processes supporting a flexible, agile distribution and fulfillment network – to deliver on promise to today’s customer.

Today’s consumers also expect brands to offer products and experiences that meet their individual preferences and match their commitment to social responsibility, health, and sustainability – immediately.

Driving speed and affordability with the fulfillment network of the future

In this landscape, retailers and brands don’t just need to understand what their consumers want, but also how to orchestrate the end-to-end supply ecosystem to meet demand through next-generation digital manufacturing capabilities and resilient, agile, and flexible fulfillment channels.

Finally, supply chain and fulfilment channels already transcend their supporting functions and are more and more becoming strategic differentiators that can enhance the customer experience by enabling more choice, convenience, and customization.

Digital Retail Innovation Summit 2021