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Retail banking

Investing in Trust: Sustainability Strategies for Retail Banks

Driven by the desire to take an active role in the transition to a sustainable economy, today’s consumer considers the consequences of every decision and transaction differently. Does this shift translate in their financial decisions?

Despite an increased awareness of the climate emergency and the challenges linked to sustainability, many consumers do not easily recognize the link between their financial decisions and the transition to a more sustainable economy.

Although the circular economy has recently garnered much interest across industries, the mass adoption of circularity is yet to be achieved. Transitioning to this new paradigm is complex, requiring profound chIn spite of an increased availability of sustainable financial offers and services, the truth is that financial institutions have not risen to the challenge of educating the public on the impact of their financial decisions.

Retail banks are a daily presence in our lives. As such, they are ideally positioned to communicate the impact of financial decisions on global sustainability. We believe that the institutions that take up this challenge will reclaim the role of trusted advisor for their consumers and reap the benefits of being first movers in a wide-open space.

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