Digital Manufacturing

Jochen Bechtold

Expertise: Digital Manufacturing, Digital Strategy

I am leading the Market Unit Manufacturing & High Tech for Capgemini in Germany.

In my role, my main ambition is to bring together all Capgemini capabilities under one roof, and to embrace the game changers of the manufacturing and life science industries: Smart products and IoT, embedded services, agile platforms and hybrid cloud environments, and a new type of B2B customer proximity.

With 16 years of global experience in management and IT consulting in the manufacturing industry, I have deep knowledge along the complete manufacturing value chain: engineering, sales, operations, supply chain, logistics, service, as well as support functions.

I focus on Digital Transformation and its impact on all parts of the manufacturing value chain since 2012.

In this context, I strongly believe in two things:

  1. There is currently an asymmetry between corporate change and technology advancement – none of the big industry players is developing as fast as technology is evolving.
    Prioritization and focus are key. And – we are still in the early stages of transformation.
  2. It’s all about people. Only the right talents and mindset will be able to apply technology in a beneficial fashion.

I love to discuss “NEW” technologies and enjoy advising technology and social entrepreneurial start-ups.

Handelsblatt Industrie-Gipfel 2019 | Videointerview mit Jochen Bechtold, Capgemini



Jochen Bechtold

Meine Erfahrung

Head of Manufacturing & High Tech @ Capgemini

Jul 2018 – Present

Vice President @ Capgemini

Jan 2016 – Present

Advisor/ social entrepreneur @ Smart Houses for Africa

Jan 2018 – Present