How to achieve end to end SAP business assurance

State of Worldwide SAP Testing 2021


How do you manage an unprecedented level of change in your SAP environment? A new report, “SAP Business Assurance Report, State of Worldwide Testing – 2021,” seeks to answer this question with insights from more than 750 survey respondents.

Join this webinar for a first look at the key findings, which reveal how SAP business assurance strategies have evolved over the past year to accommodate a new pace of innovation.

Join us to learn about the strategies that set the most successful organizations apart, how you compare with your peers, and the best practices that can help you achieve SAP business assurance maturity, such as:

  • Defining clear ownership and developing technical expertise
  • Building a business case and a roadmap for automation
  • Leveraging intelligent technologies to focus your approach
  • Instilling confidence with effective risk mitigation strategies
  • Assessing progress and defining next steps

Speakers & Sponsors

Wolfgang Platz, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Tricentis

Elisabetta Spontoni, Global Head of SAP Operations, Capgemini

Mark Buenen, Global Leader, Digital Assurance and Quality Engineering, Capgemini

Event Details

Juli 29, 2021 2:00 pm
Juli 29, 2021 3:00 pm