The Digital Workspace

Your key to a connected enterprise

Organizations are making a transformational shift in employee engagement to strengthen productivity and experience. Discover the benefits of creating a virtual center of engagement in your enterprise with Capgemini.

The Benefits of Employee Engagement

In today’s digital world, the word "engagement" has taken on a new meaning. No longer limited to person-to-person interaction, it embodies a more enhanced and powerful medium of communication, interaction, and collaboration through various digital channels.

By leveraging digital technologies, businesses are integrating people, conversations, and content that help employees communicate and collaborate as group. A recent Gallup study reported that business units ranking in the top 25% of their organizations for employee engagement demonstrated:

  • 22% higher profitability
  • 21% higher productivity
  • 10% higher customer metrics
  • 37% lower absenteeism.


Be the Center of Engagement

This new paradigm sees enterprises embracing the concept of a digital workspace, which nurtures an environment of engagement between employees, partners. Capgemini’s Digital Workspace solution will streamline and correlate your business strategy, technology, and people to collaboratively support business operations and people experience and engagement at any time on any device.

We help you drive the enterprise and business to be the center of engagement through:

  • Collaboration
    • Define and implement a collaboration strategy 
    • Enforce governance
    • Help with Intranet and engagement strategy
    • Platform recommendations
    • Perform infrastructure assessment
    • Community management
    • Advocate program
    • Drive change management
  • Employee Engagement
    • Assist in onboarding and training
    • Enable workflow integration
    • Drive BYOD strategies 
    • Provide leadership engagement
    • Change management for workflow, leadership, or technology shifts
  • Customer Experience Engagement
    • Customer-facing collaboration integration
    • “Ripple effect” on business processes
    • Change management for supporting omni-channel 
    • Communications and training plan
    • Analytics baseline
  • Workplace Strategy
    • Market awareness and trends
    • Strategy and roadmap for digital workplace
    • Enterprise mobile workplace
    • Self service management
    • Metrics and measurement

Capgemini’s broad experience and know-how help customers implement large digital transformation and collaboration ventures in accordance with digital industry standards. With our team of experts, you will define, build, and maintain digital workspace centric solutions that maximize collaboration and engagement within your enterprise.

Thejus.yerigiri@capgemini.comCollaboration Practice Lead

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