Market Access and Stakeholder Management

The relative importance of different stakeholders is shifting, forcing companies to reassess their go-to-market approaches and access strategies. Interacting effectively with these stakeholders is critical to success in the pharmaceutical market. Capgemini helps you address this challenge early in the product lifecycle.

Build on Our Stakeholder Knowledge

In this context of changing stakeholder influence, successful pharmaceutical product marketing depends on understanding new market dynamics and adapting your sales approach, strategies and behaviors accordingly.

Capgemini delivers strategies to improve overall market access in a challenging regulatory environment. We work with you to successfully develop, launch and market specific products by:

  • Sharing our experience, methodology and skills in facilitating collaboration
  • Supporting your change management and adoption of new processes and responsibilities
  • Bringing insights into regulatory and market structures and stakeholder group requirements around the world
  • Offering critical evaluations and helping you develop an informed risk assessment
  • Aligning stakeholders to enable rapid change, notably through our Accelerated Solutions Environment
  • Providing solutions that can be adapted for easy implementation across sites and regions

Four Steps to Better Pharmaceutical Market Access

We recommend a 4-stage approach to improving market access:

  • Map the stakeholder landscape to clarify influences and access regulations
  • Identify access requirements to prioritize needs for clinical and outcome studies
  • Create market access scenarios to identify risks and develop strategies and contingency plans for likely outcomes
  • Establish an evidence-based drug value story to communicate to key payers and market access regulators

Proven Expertise in Facilitating Market Access

As physicians and key opinion leaders lose influence, payers, standardization bodies, governments and patients are gaining ground. Capgemini works with major pharmaceutical companies around the world to identify and work with the appropriate stakeholder groups in order to improve market access.

We helped a leading European healthcare company in Britain complete a National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence Assessment for an important new drug at national and regional level. To do this, we developed a range of tailored services, from scenario and stakeholder analysis to tools and guidelines for local implementation.

For the European Brain Council, our Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE) allowed 17 disparate stakeholder groups to collaborate effectively on the task of making drugs for central nervous system illnesses more readily available to patients.

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