Waste and the circular economy

Managing our waste effectively is important in terms of minimizing our use of the planet’s finite natural resources.

While waste emissions are less than 1% of our total carbon emissions, managing our waste effectively is important in terms of minimizing our use of the planet’s finite natural resources. It is also a tangible, impactful way of demonstrating our environmental commitment. Since 2015, we have reduced the total amount of waste we generate by 8%, a positive outcome given our workforce increased by 11% over the same period.

We have achieved:

We remain committed to both minimizing the waste we generate and increasing recycling and reuse. However, the most efficient way of reducing the environmental impacts from waste is not to generate waste in the first place.

We are embracing circular economy principles

Our waste strategy covers the disposal of office waste whilst moving towards closing the loop through circular economy thinking. The concept of “circular economy” is the idea of effectively “closing the loop”– maintaining products and materials in a cyclical use phase so that waste is effectively designed out of the system.

We have applied the principles of the circular economy in numerous ways: from our innovative partnerships to localized initiatives such as swapping disposable cups with reusable ones or replacing paper towels for high-efficiency hand driers. We look for opportunities to partner with charities and universities to reuse stationery, furniture and IT equipment.

Across the business, we are tackling the problem of waste

Ensuring unwanted office items have a second life in Belgium
Following our recent rebranding, Capgemini Belgium collaborated with ten local charities to reuse as many of items with the old branding as possible, with an estimated 10 cubic meters of clothing and stationery diverted from landfill.

Recycling and reusing our technology in France
In France, we have established a program to ensure reuse and recycling of old phones and computers. The “Je recycle & Je gagne” initiative involves purchasing employees’ smartphones at a competitive price for reuse and recycling. Our people can also buy reconditioned PCs or smartphones at prices up to 70% cheaper than buying a new one. Through a collaborative partnership with Nodixia, Capgemini France has reconditioned more than 93% of our old computers for reuse.  This initiative also has social benefits, with Nodixia employing people with disabilities and reinvesting part of the profits in innovative social projects.

How India is working towards zero waste
“My Jashn” Capgemini’s Zero Waste Celebration in India was a successful example of a “Zero Waste” event. The event, attended by over 75,000 people and held across 11 cities, generated only 16.4 tons of waste (mainly food waste), of which 85% was sent to a biogas plant and 15% distributed to a pig farm.

In the UK, our ‘Rethink Waste campaign, featuring an e-waste exhibition encouraged people to think about their daily actions
In the UK, we held a “Rethink Waste” campaign during environment week last year. Part of the campaign featured an exhibition of e-waste sculptures designed to challenge Capgemini team members and visiting guests to think about how our actions and daily habits impact on our environment. The campaign resulted in a 7% decrease of daily office waste. The artwork featured includes sculptures of robots and animals together with portraits of Amy Winehouse, and Frankenstein – all entirely made out of e-waste by Brazilian artists Armando Oliveira Bastos, Christian Pierini, Gilberto Vieira Mendes and Jota Azevedo.

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