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Developing Sustainability Client Offerings

Helping our clients meet their Sustainability objectives. Capgemini is currently working on developing service offerings in the following areas:

Capgemini continues to develop Sustainability capability into both existing and new client service offerings. Our market position through our TechnoVision 2012 and through our Cloud Computing offer enable us to help our clients “Green” their IT and to embed sustainability into their processes and infrastructure.

Our core disciplines of Consulting, Technology Services, Outsourcing and Local Professional Services also allow us to provide this for our clients.

In our Consulting Services, we have developed sustainability service offerings. Several of our key offerings:

  • Capgemini France Sustainable Transformation enables organizations to integrate sustainable development into their company strategy.
    Capgemini UK Sustainable Procurement Offering embeds sustainable procurement into the client’s current operations. This offering has successfully been implemented with several of our clients.
  • Capgemini’s approach to Lean thinking (known as BeLean™) provides a method both for sustaining the planet and for supporting business growth. Lean is a way to “green” processes by eliminating waste. BeLean™ allows companies to do this with maximum effectiveness, while simultaneously improving service, production, and delivery.
  • Capgemini Netherlands has built an international Climate Change Team and has developed a Global Climate Change Service offering. This offering has already had its first major client win and the project is underway.
  • In the Supply Chain the concept of “Cradle to Cradle” closed loop supply chain has been taken up around designing and using sustainable biodegradable materials, as well as re-use of materials in the production processes and logistics.

In our Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE) Capgemini has facilitated several sessions focused on Sustainability Strategy. Successes include assisting our clients to define a three-year corporate strategy on the foundation of corporate social responsibility or designing the changes required to make the company more sustainable.

In our Technology Services we have several offerings:

  • TechnoVision is Capgemini’s way of mapping technology trends and determining which ones meet the needs of a particular business or industry. Read the dedicated Sustainability TechnoVision Point of View.
  • In the Netherlands GreenSourcing and GreenScan enable our clients to analyze and make balanced decisions regarding sourcing strategies, taking into account financial as well as social and environmental consequences.

In our Outsourcing Services we launched Merlin the world’s most sustainable data center.

Cloud Computing is the use of massively scaled offsite IT resources assembled virtually, accessed over the internet, contracted on demand in real-time or near real-time on a pay-per-use or subscription basis, where the workloads are shared among multiple customers. Capgemini’s new Cloud Computing Center of Excellence assists organizations in integrating Cloud Computing into their IT and Business strategies and in building and managing scalable, next generation infrastructure environments. Cloud computing will increasingly provide opportunities to reduce wasted capacity and optimize resources aiding in increased sustainability.

In our Energy and Utilities sector several offerings are available:

  • Business Models and Sustainable Energy – for the energy sector sustainable energy is becoming a critical business challenge. Our B-SM model helps our clients to tailor and develop sustainable development strategy in this sector.
  • Smart Metering: Collaboration with Bell Canada and the Smart Energy Alliance (SEA), on a Smart Metering project, in which a tool was created to enable and empower consumers with information to make the right conservation choices.

In our Thought Leadership our professionals combine their knowledge in Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing to conduct ongoing research and find answers to major issues facing business today. We have published several reports around the topic, including:

  • Green IT Report 2008: A study of the IT Industry’s green credentials and an assessment of how industry leaders, EMC, HP, IBM, Google and Sun Microsystems are dealing with the topics of environmental responsibility, sustainability and CR.
  • 2016 the future supply chain – Serving Consumers in a Sustainable Way: What does the current focus on sustainability have to do with on-shelf availability and costs in the physical supply chain for consumer goods? The answer is “everything”. The breakthrough change presented in the report is based on the joint work of 24 companies in the retail and consumer packaged goods industry. All the elements of this change have been brought together into an integrated architecture for a future supply chain, aimed at a more sustainable broad-based solution for the industry.
  • 2018 Future Value Chain – Succeeding in a Volatile Market: A new report from the Global Commerce Initiative, Capgemini, HP and SAP, looks at eight trends, including the declining economy, social structure, the cost and availability of raw materials and the increasing awareness of sustainability with particular focus on the Asian market. The report identifies how the industry can continue to meet the needs of consumers around the world, despite the current challenging market conditions; it builds on 2016 Future Value Chain Report.
  • Capgemini Smart Meter Valuation Model: there is an increasing pressure for the Energy & Utilities sector in Europe to contribute to meeting political targets such as the 3×20% objectives by 2020 (reduce energy consumption, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and increase use of renewable energy sources.). Smart meters have the potential to contribute towards these goals as they provide new opportunities which will improve the way electricity is distributed and consumed.
  • Save Energy Cost without Compromise: Capgemini is providing a unique “green” solution to help companies reduce costs and improve CR. This solution is being delivered through the hardware-based capabilities of Intel® Centrino® Pro and Intel® vPro™ processor technology. Capgemini can now help customers: Reduce power costs for PC’s, Improve energy conservation in a way that makes financial sense and realize cost savings without compromizing service, performance or productivity.
  • BeGreen – Green by Design, the Capgemini Consulting approach to Lean Design can reduce your carbon footprint and support sustainable growth.
  • Connecting Rural India: The Untapped Growth Opportunity was launched at the Telecom India Summit 2008 in New Delhi. With a significant percentage of India’s population living in rural areas, the next big opportunity for the telecom sector lies in the hinterland. The report is a study of the exponential growth in India and the next phase of opportunity for telecom in the vast untapped rural markets of India.

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