Operate the Retail Channels

The proliferation of new distribution channels makes the retail environment increasingly challenging. Capgemini helps retailers identify the most flexible and efficient ways to engage with customers across all channels.

All-Channel Experience: Delivering Relevant Propositions to Your Customers at the Moments of Truth

How the Retail Channels are Changing

Consumer products and retail is an exciting place. The industry is undergoing significant transformation largely because of the way that consumers choose to shop and consume. They are enabled with technology that allows them to approach the shopping process in a different way than they have in the past.

The bottom line: Shoppers are no longer loyal to an individual channel but rather to an experience across channels.

Maximize Efficiency for Distribution Channels

Our All-Channel Experience approach helps retailers and consumer products companies provide shoppers with a seamless experience across all channels – from the store to smartphone apps to social media.

Capgemini combines process improvements and cutting-edge technology to help your business operate various channels more effectively. Our solutions span everything from physical stores and websites to social media and B2B channels.

They are designed to help you distribute goods and services more efficiently, respond to customer needs with more flexibility and increase profits:

  • All-Channel Experience
  • Retail Store Operations
  • Retail Point-of-Sale (POS)

Helping Companies Strengthen their Retail Channels

We work with hundreds of retailers around the world to develop and strengthen their channels to market. Increasingly, our work with clients is focused on developing effective integrated all-channel retail strategies.

Examples of client success:

  • We helped Spanish fashion retailer Desigual set up a B2B channel for multi-brand stores and sales representatives
  • We worked with a leading apparel retailer to identify and understand the needs of its online customers and develop a roadmap for building its web presence.
  • For a large consumer electronics retailer, we helped create order management capabilities across multiple sales channels. This resulted in lower overall inventory costs and provided customers with the option to “Buy Anywhere, Pick Up Anywhere, Return Anywhere.”
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