Accelerated Solution Environments

Capgemini Consulting’s Accelerated Solutions Environment and Network allows people across a company to work together across departments and functions, maximizing efficiency and profit.

Big Data & Analytics Consulting

We bridge the gap between business value and data

Business & Technology Innovation

CIOs face two complex transformation challenges. They have to carry on industrializing their activities to answer the need for improved economic performance and quality standards. 

Customer Experience Transformation

Whether your business aims to acquire new customers, increase retention or improve sales and service efficiency, understanding your customers is a critical factor.

Customer-Centric Supply Chain

Even in today’s incredibly complex retail environment of multiple seamless channels and real-time customer expectations, we can help you achieve the classic objective of the right product at the right time at the right price.

Didier Bonnet

Digital Transformation and Innovation

Digital Strategy & Transformation

Businesses today face a host of new challenges as they strive to stay competitive in a rapidly-changing market.

Digital Transformation

Although the impact of digitization is not new, the digital economy is entering a new age that presents unprecedented challenges for all CEOs.

Digital Transformation Review 11 – Artificial Intelligence Decoded

Artificial Intelligence – read this latest review whether you are a proactive adopter or watchful bystander!

Finance Transformation

Taking the finance function from number crunching to value creation requires a comprehensive transformation strategy. Capgemini Consulting’s Finance Transformation practice can help you with the strategic, operational, and organizational cornerstones of that journey.

Insights-Driven Business

The way we shop and our expectations of the retail experience have changed forever. Retailers must now respond to this shift, by designing and delivering seamless and meaningful experiences when engaging with customers, experiences which differentiate them from the competition and build loyalty.

People Transformation

Success in a world defined by digital, shaped by persistent disruption and influenced by massive and evolving social change, requires organizations to reinvent themselves and their relationships with people – to become future-ready.


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