Satisfying changing customer requirements and maintaining a competitive cost base are two key challenges facing today’s logistics managers. Traditional logistics models are evolving as emerging markets are integrated into the supply chain and the web-based channels continue to develop. Managers must deal with rising transport costs and volatile demand.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Capgemini Consulting’s services to transform your logistics operations include:

  • Logistics strategy: designing a logistics strategy that integrates corporate strategy and customer requirements
  • Logistics Operating Model innovation: defining services, governance and organizational models that improve control
  • Distribution network transformation: optimizing your logistics supply-to-customer map
  • Sustainable logistics: reducing logistics carbon footprint.
  • e-Fulfilment: building mature logistics solutions for direct business-to-consumer web channels

Our logistics operational excellence services include:

  • Lean Logistics: improving sustainability in your warehouse and transport operation with our BeLean methodology
  • Logistics sourcing: Defining your sourcing approach through a robust  tendering and procurement process
  • Logistics risk management: managing the operational and business risk of your international goods flow

Track Record and Value Delivery

To best serve you, our consultants distribute latest insights from our industry research (e.g. our annual 3PL-study and our quarterly Transport Market Monitor).