Transitioning to a future-ready organization relies not only on deep and wide technology and process evolution, but also on a high level of engagement and motivation of everyone connected to the business –employees, partners, alumni and customers.

Research shows engaged employees are four times more likely to go beyond ‘what is expected’, and two and a half times more likely to stay late when something needs to be done. Little wonder organizations with high employee engagement show a 19% increase in operating income and almost 28% growth in earnings per share.

In short, if people engage fully with the brand and its purpose, they will drive productivity, competitiveness and potential growth.

Organizations should therefore engage with individuals on their terms, aligning people management approaches to social and cultural concerns, career aspirations and lifestyles. Just as transitioning into a future-ready organization is a process of evolution over time, so developing and sustaining a future-ready culture is a continual and changing process.

Through our recognition, cultural shaping and inclusive engagement programs we can ensure behavioral and cultural changes are embraced and sustained – not imposed. The New Change Deal is a flexible, pragmatic and people centered approach that focuses on engagement and creating value.