Our Expertise and Unique Approach

A large number of leading financial institutions across the globe believe that data analytics offers a significant competitive advantage and successful big data initiatives will define the winners in the future.

Capgemini Consulting undertakes data-driven transformation for financial services companies through an amalgamation of technology, business strategy and people. The primary differentiators in Risk and Value Analytics are our data scientists across the world and an international network of Data Farms. The FS Data Farm will strengthen our position on Big Data & Analytics with an innovative, packaged and verticalised approach.

Some of our key offers / solutions include Customer Interaction Analytics, Customer Value Analytics: Next Best Action, Fraud Analytics, Human Capital Analytics, data monetization, fraud & compliance analytics. We have enabled demonstrators (website, apps) to showcase our key offers. Our capabilities in this space are complemented by a growing ecosystem of partnerships with leading technology players, academic institutions, web agencies.

Our expertise in this space rests on:

  • A dedicated team of Data Scientists, Data Miners, Developers and Data Artists, Specialized Business Consultants
  • State-of-the-art Big Data & Analytics environment
  • Use Case Library (with external data sets)
  • Data Library
  • Ready-to-use industrialized statistical models
  • Thought leadership.

Track Record and Value Delivery

Capgemini Consulting has worked with leading banks and insurance companies to define strategic solutions to accelerate their critical businesses, design new services and products and enhance customer-oriented processes.

A combination of strategic business expertise, major credentials and a strong network to co-design solutions with clients makes Capgemini Consulting a trusted partner in the Risk & Value Analytics space.