The Cleantech Landscape

Following the legislation in place (3×20 in Europe or the Renewable Portfolio Standard in the US for example), Energy players must have a share of renewable sources in their generation mix. Entry strategies and commercial development of these clean technologies are not always obvious. Cleantechs involve a large spectrum of sub-markets at diverse stages of development. They combine high growth opportunities with technological risks. Furthermore, Cleantech companies face global competition in all fields of operations

Also, climate change awareness is pushing businesses and governments around the world to reducing their carbon footprint (Decarbonating) and taking low carbon behaviors. Company executives and public officers must adapt to increasingly volatile energy prices, with the multiple constraints of scarcity of resources, internalized cost of greenhouse gas emissions and impacts of climate change.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Our Cleantech practice offers management consulting services to help companies drive strategy formulation and execution:

  • Strategy & markets analysis
  • Renewable portfolio growth strategies, Investments evaluation in renewable, Mergers & acquisitions
  • Marketing and sales effectiveness
  • Operation and maintenance of renewable plants (especially wind farms), Supply chain optimization

Our “Decarbonate Your Business approach” offers:

  • Carbon footprint analysis (for large organizations or on specific issues)
  • Carbon management
  • Energy sourcing strategy
  • Mitigation and adaptation strategies

Track Record and Value Delivery

We have a string track record in key areas of Cleantechs development and Decarbonating strategies.

We have worked with key utilities and investors in crafting their entry strategies in several segments of clean technologies. This entails economic modeling of incentives, market prices and costs structures of these technologies.

We have specialized teams especially around the wind value chain, helping restructure manufacturing companies to serve the operation and maintenance (O&M) markets.

In the field of Decarbonating, we deliver value to global companies, governments and public authorities by providing decision makers with both high level and in-depth business cases to achieve:

  • Cost reductions
  • Creation of Green KWh
  • Energy savings
  • Tons of CO2 avoided

Applying our extensive experience in implementation and transformation, we help our clients design business plans and governance in relation with core-business activities.