Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Digital Phase 1 helps clients define their business targets and roadmap in 8 to 10 weeks through a set of six integrated modules.

The program has three chief deliverables: design opportunities for the client’s organization, accelerate the client’s Digital Program and validate the impact of disruption and radical change. Major project areas include:

  • Validation, impact of disruption and opportunities
  • To-be design
  • Business cases
  • Change management

The scope of a Digital Phase 1 approach varies depending on the situation and each Phase 1 approach is designed to our client’s needs.

The scope of a Digital Phase 1 may encompass:

  • Strategy, future business model and economics
  • Customers, interaction and value proposition
  • Products and services in digital space
  • Process automation and industrialization
  • Collaborative and interactive organization
  • Supportive and efficient technology

Track Record and Value Delivery

Capgemini Consulting has an impressive track record of Digital Phase 1 transactions over the last decade. Our combination of fast-paced concept and target image design combined with analytical rigor and understanding of change management makes Capgemini Consulting a unique and effective partner.