Business transformation aims at helping our clients to become the finest in their field.

At Capgemini, we believe that a successful business transformation must:

  • Define overall vision, targets and requirements for the future
  • Use a phased approach with timed implementation stages
  • Demonstrate progress through special events and interventions
  • Ensure employee buy-in through engagement at an early stage

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

We combine methodologies, experience, and clarification of client needs with a good dose of creativity to draft the transformation journey.

Our approach accelerates your transformation program and reflects our commitment to excellence, sustainability and speed. In 8 to 10 weeks, we jointly produce the major conceptual and design elements needed to prepare your organization for change.

During this period, we work extensively with your executives to create a unique transformation architecture and design. Our programs are proven to quickly improve key performance indicators resulting in higher total revenue, reduced costs and optimized capital deployment.

Track Record and Value Delivery

Business transformation has been at the core of our company for 40 years. We were the first to develop a holistic framework which quickly became a standard. We have continuously refined its approach, methods and tools ever since. Capgemini Consulting has helped hundreds of clients accelerate their transformation programs and achieve measurable, sustainable results, based on our proven design principles.