Effective product management can help you to increase revenue by enabling:

  • Distinct product positioning towards profitable customer segments
  • Maximization of revenues throughout the entire product lifecycle
  • Well balanced portfolios, with management based on known product performance

At the same time, product management initiatives can reduce your costs by providing the capability to direct resources where they make the most sense:

  • Capability to allocate resources to profitable products
  • Capability to invest in the right product innovation initiatives
  • Understanding of what product costs truly generate value

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Our approach considers your products and services, as well as your current product management capabilities.

We offer the following solutions:

  • Product Strategy:  Including product development strategy, positioning, planning, pricing, and contingency planning
  • Product Innovation:  Innovation planning process & prioritization models, RAIN (Rapid Innovation), and Innovation partnership networks
  • Product Launch: Launch planning, governance & project management, readiness assessment, early commercialization, global alignment and mobilization
  • Product Portfolio Management:  Portfolio process review, redesign, and rationalization
  • Product Lifecycle Management:  PLM capability assessment, transformation, and technology assessment

Track Record and Value Delivery

Our product management experience encompasses all major sectors. In some examples of success we:

  • Accelerated product launch for a global life sciences company, from nine to three months, through alignment of marketing & sales plans and creation of cross-functional teams that improved relationships with customers and partners
  • Developed and implemented the product management strategy, processes, organization, KPI’s and IT tools for a leading bank
  • Implemented a new cross-functional product planning processes, including the refinement of market intelligence, for a global manufacturer of mobile phones
  • Fundamentally redesigned the product offer and price structure for a leading energy company