As customers distance themselves from companies and align with their peer groups, they are increasingly gaining message control. Meanwhile, the introduction of new channels is decreasing emotional connectivity between customers and organizations.

At Capgemini Consulting, we help you keep pace with this rapidly-changing landscape by developing company operations to support all channels and customer needs.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Social media management is a critical component for succeeding in the digital world. At Capgemini Consulting, we build social media strategies, monitor social media activity and optimize the use of social channels to enhance e-commerce and service.

”Social Insight into Action”, developed in partnership with Pegasystems and Attensity, is an end-to-end social media management solution that allows you to derive customer insight effectively from unstructured, natural language text, combine these insights with structured business information, and respond in near real-time.

At the same time, the proliferation of digital channels means that companies must have a clear strategy for managing customer interactions across all channels. Capgemini Consulting has developed a channel management strategic framework, which is used to drive results for your customers, products and services through an appropriate channel strategy.

Track Record and Value Delivery

Capgemini Consulting has a wealth of experience in delivering digital projects across our global network.  Key examples our experience include:

  • Defined the tools and processes to support a broadcasting company’s customer engagement strategy using customer-centric, transparent, flexible and cost-effective approach.
  • Developed the digital strategy for a manufacturing company and seamlessly integrating its online channels with existing channels, so it became a true digital player.
  • Investigated diversification opportunities for an online community, including how to capture value from e-commerce growth, the online ad market, and consumer spending.