Challenges include the need to balance service with costs, optimizing the use of the social web and customer-to-customer support channels, and achieving the right level of customer self-service. It is also important to achieve the right balance of insourcing versus outsourcing.

At the same time, organizations must keep an eye on the future, understanding how the digital world influences customer service today and tomorrow. In April 2011, Capgemini Consulting brought together customer service directors from leading global organizations, plus industry experts, to take forward this debate. The insights and ideas developed during this event were summarized in an eBook – Customer Service in 2020: Winning in a Digital World.

Capgemini Consulting works with you to improve your customer service systematically by helping you increase satisfaction and advocacy while managing operational costs.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Now more than ever, customers have control over the customer service experience. Increased competition means they will not hesitate to abandon a business due to poor service.

We help clients by:

  • Aligning service operations to changing customer needs and expectations
  • Improving operational processes and tools to reduce costs without compromising service quality
  • Establishing and integrating new service channels
  • Establishing the optimal service channel set-up
  • Implementing service innovation, including new service models, to drive competitive advantage
  • Improving collaboration between marketing, sales and service
  • Optimizing the way key accounts are managed and serviced
  • Providing detailed performance analysis to drive positive change

Track Record and Value Delivery

We have helped many organizations improve their customer service while decreasing costs. Key examples include:

  • Reduced service costs by over 20% for a tour operator while delivering significantly higher service quality
  • Reorganization of a bank’s service department including implementation of a voice portal. This resulted in automation of 50% of service cases and improved service as contact center agents were able to access front-end populated customer data and history
  • Improved field service processes for a manufacturing company, resulting in a 30% gain in efficiency and the ability to monitor the benefits to cost ratio for service activities