Technological advancements are accelerating, and the proliferation of digital channels is transforming the marketing landscape. Customer behavior is constantly in flux. Today’s businesses need to evolve their operations to support evolving customer needs through multiple channels.To optimize marketing, sales and service interactions, you must appreciate what your customers value, and understand where, how, and why they interact with you. This understanding enables you to deliver tailored, targeted solutions that drive business value.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Capgemini Consulting’s marketing, sales and service practice offers high-end management consulting services to help drive customer strategy and execution, accelerate results and transform companies.Drawing on our customer strategy capabilities and industry expertise, Capgemini Consulting works with you to transform marketing, sales and service to respond to the digital demands of your customers, turning insight into action. Our expertise spans Digital customer solutions, Market insight, Customer strategy, Marketing, Sales, Customer service, Channel management, and Product management.

Our high-end consulting services in digital customer strategy and experience have been recognized by ALM Intelligence Competitive Landscape Analysis in their report Digital Customer Strategy & Experience Consulting. The report showcases Capgemini Consulting as being “Very Strong” in Digital Business Process Transformation and Organizational Change. Click here to view the press release.

Track Record and Value Delivery

Capgemini Consulting has successfully consulted with leading companies across all sectors to improve their business through our real life experience, content expertise and proven methods. We work in tandem with alliance vendors and technology specialists to help you implement the most appropriate solutions, while our outsourcing teams are well positioned to deliver operational efficiencies. In this way, we can help you across the value chain, from strategy through execution. This includes identifying the expertise that your customers most value, and building enterprise-wide process improvements across your customer-facing teams.