Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Our Analytics and Modelling solutions cover 6 areas of expertise:

Workforce Analytics

  • Using analytical based modelling to inform and optimise: workload planning and allocation, resource scheduling, pay and reward strategy, staff retention, workforce evolution and succession planning
  • Evaluating the operational impact of changes to processes or operating model design on employee workload and performance

Customer Analytics

  • Intelligent analysis of operational data to understand and monitor customer behaviour
  • Segmentation of the customer base to identify valuable customers, customers likely to churn, poor credit risks and fraud
  • Using insight gained from analytics to develop customer retention/acquisition strategy, pricing strategy and improve debt management.

Risk Analytics

  • Understanding the relationship between level of risk exposure and the impact on profitability, service to customers, staff and infrastructure
  • Developing models to evaluate and inform mitigation strategies for operational, asset and investment risk

Enterprise Performance Analytics

  • Performance Management and Analytics (in collaboration with our Finance Transformation practice)
  • Using data visualisation and analytics techniques to analyse the drivers of Enterprise value providing greater insight into profitability and efficiency
  • Using intelligent benchmarking to make realistic performance comparisons
  • Evaluating impact of business strategy /service delivery options on future business performance to provide confidence the change is robust

Supply chain Analytics

  • Analysing the drivers and underlying trends in demand for products and services
  • Building predictive models that enable organisation to effectively manage their supply chain, workforce and finances
  • Using analytics to optimise supply chain strategy – warehouse design, logistics, merchandising replenishment, demand planning

Digital Analytics

  • Advising on how new sources of data and insight can be used to drive improved performance
  • Using “war game simulations” to inform and train organisations of the impact of the digital revolution

Our Track Record and Value Delivery

With over 15 years of experience of providing analytically based business solutions and advice we have an established reputation and delivery capability

“Through its consulting offering, Capgemini is able to embed itself in its customers’ business processes and people. Its predictive analytics brand is one which conveys an image of providing business solutions, not just analytic ones. Many vendors of predictive analytics aspire to provide business solutions though not all have Capgemini’s history of consulting-led predictive analytic projects.” – Ovum 2011