Digital Transformation is disrupting business models, customer behaviours, and the competitive landscape. It is changing marketing strategies and relationships, as well as the products or services that drive profits.

Of those change programs that fail, 47% suffer from a lack of a change approach. We counter this with our Transformational Change consulting proposition. It offers a proven route to successfully implementing and sustaining change.

There is clear evidence that starting change management at the planning or conceptual stage of transformation drives more success than when it is left later in the process. We wrap our different stages of Transformational Change in a project management layer that begins with early stage planning. This ensures that the implementation approach includes essential change milestones from the beginning and decision, alignment, engagement and feedback loops are planned proactively.

With a strong reputation and track record in managing change in the automotive sector, we drive realization of Digital Transformation and innovation strategies.

Our experience ranges from change in automotive retail experience to change in automotive digital operating models, sales channels and Industry 4.0. We enable leadership with change strategy (e.g. with the help of the Framework for Digital Leadership and Innovation Cultures) and with transformation execution (e.g. with help of our Online Change Toolbox).

We established an integrated program of communication, and synchronized it around various sub-projects designed to improve sales and aftersales performance. We supported local implementation teams with targeted change interventions based on collected market feedback on ‘implementation readiness’ and rolled out continuous quality tracking.

With our support, this leading OEM built and qualified retail excellence ambassadors and multipliers throughout the organization. The implementation and change approach scaled to 100,000 employees and around 100,000 dealers to embed innovative approaches to making it easier for customers to get in touch and better experience products and brands.