Our Solutions For You

We help OEMs and Suppliers to improve operating margins and time to market, leveraging Smart Engineering, Smart Factories and Smart Supply Chains. To ensure payback periods between one and three years, we define the right Strategy, spotting on the most valuable Digital opportunities and we accelerate deployment at the right cost and speed with a global reach.

We help our clients to address the typical challenges of Industry 4.0

  • How to shape a profitable Digital transformation?
  • How to scale-up beyond POC strategy?
  • How to leverage synergies and develop digital assets in a decentralized organization?
  • How to embark the organization and the people, managing change and skills gaps?
  • How to combine Digital and Lean?
  • How to transform Industrial IT to enable Digital transformation?
  • How to connect the physical world?
  • How to ensure cybersecurity and data ownership?

Our offerings range from:

  • Digital Manufacturing & Operations Strategy
  • Lean 4.0
  • Manufacturing intelligence
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Collaborative engineering
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Smart automation
  • Smart network design
  • IT for Industry 4.0