Data is an essential component of Digital Transformation. It proliferates across all channels to-market and inside the digital enterprise. Yet most companies have not fully integrated their data sources across the organization. And with the emergence of new data sources and formats, OEMs and other automotive companies have yet to align their IT infrastructures to manage and benefit from new information.

We use our experience in automotive big data and analytics to revolutionize the way businesses interact with their customers and to build a platform for leveraging data innovation.

Our solutions are based on our proprietary Automotive Insights Laboratory. We leverage this ‘Insights Lab’ to build Smart Customer Life cycle Management, Smart Revenue and Pricing Management, In-field Quality Analytics and Vehicle-based solutions and insights. We also deliver analytics as a service with our Insights Service Factory. We can help you establish analytics capabilities and techniques with pilots and agile development.

It’s time to change gear. Companies must begin applying analytics to customer and vehicle data, producing insights that will enable them to build customer loyalty and reduce the likelihood of defection to another brand. They need to connect all the customer and vehicle data. And they must be able to share that data, not just within their own organizations, but with other players in the vehicle life cycle, such as insurers, telcos, and marketers.

Connected Insights go beyond traditional business intelligence methods by adopting a truly data-driven organizational approach. We use multiple sources of data and advanced analytics to push our clients’ customer-centric strategies. Our Automotive Analytics Platform plays a key part in this.

It’s a digital virtual lab where data is collated and dissected in real-time. We make use of automotive-relevant data on the web, both historical and actual. This enables us to provide new business insights and predict future customer behavior.