These solutions are designed to help our clients put the customer at the heart of their Digital Transformation. A recent survey of Fortune 500 companies reveals why this is so important. Of the organizations surveyed, 56% said they were customer-centric, but in contrast to this only 12% of customers agreed with that claim.

Our Connected Customer consulting portfolio helps clients understand their customers and offer them what they really want. Connected Customer achieves this by considering how to bring a renewed Outside-In Online Experience and Retail Innovation approach together with new Service and Business models, aimed to both prospects and existing car owners, to reach the right customer, at the right time, in the right channel.

With the appropriate Connected Customer strategy and approaches, automotive companies can drive customer loyalty for the long term. We design Connected Customer strategies and ensure our solutions are aligned across all entities. Our best practice Connected Customer assets include touch point maps, digital maturity assessments, customer journeys and online experience, lead management, retail experience, e-commerce channels, digital governance and operating models, one customer ID, KPI and performance management, and online portals.

We believe in accelerating our client’s digital journeys by creating a customer-centric business model, thereby providing a seamless and best-in-class experience across multiple touch points. Our strengths lie in:

  • Online sales and experience
  • Retail innovation
  • Customer dialogue
  • Digital After sales
  • New service and business models
  • Process and data Integration.