What if there was a way to assemble the entire set of stakeholders facing a complex challenge and resolve it once and for all? Capgemini Consulting’s Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE) and Accelerated Solutions Network (ASN) are events that enable people from diverse functions, units and backgrounds to problem solve in a dynamic, technology-filled workshop session.

Collaborative journeys

Our dynamic seminars help you create solutions that increase profitability and maximize capacity, solving your targeted problem. This allows you to address your most urgent issues smoothly and effectively.

ASE benefits you in a variety of ways:

  • Accelerate the value creation of collaborative journeys and deliver what would otherwise take many months using traditional methods.
  • Mobilize participants around a commonly created solution
  • Integrate the points of view of customers or suppliers
  • Successfully manage complex integration issues
  • Apply to a wide range of challenges using a patented process

Global Reach

For over 15 years, ASE’s patented facilitation environment and process has been a key differentiator in decision-making, accelerating benefits and reducing risk for our clients’ most urgent issues worldwide.

Capgemini Consulting has worked on 6,500 events with over 1,000 clients in 26 ASE centers globally. Through our work, we have helped over 250,000 executives around the world. 55 percent of Fortune 100 companies are or have been ASE clients.

What Clients Say

“In my 14 years of IT experience, I have never seen anything work as quickly as ASE to get buy-in and to map out a major initiative in 48 hours.”

“Project helped cut 6 months off the implementation schedule, close to 75 annual FTE hours production.”

“The long term value of the session or ‘the proof of the pudding’ was that the decisions and ideas that originated in the session are still in effect in the current organization even after the company was acquired by another firm. They continue to live today after 6 years.”