Digital innovation is shaking the core of every industry and incumbents are struggling to respond. The emergence of startups such as Uber – which disrupt entire sectors with their agile, innovative business models – is worrying traditional incumbents. Venture funding to startups is at historic highs.

Digital Disruption factors

In just one startup hotspot, Silicon Valley, venture capital investment in the first three quarters of 2014 was around $17 billion, a figure that is only surpassed by the peak of the dotcom era in 2000.

In recent research by GE, two-thirds of respondents agreed that businesses have to encourage creative behaviors and must disrupt their internal processes in order to do so. What does a successful strategy for responding to disruption look like? How fast have companies responded to digital disruptions? To understand more about how traditional incumbents respond to digital disruption, we conducted research spanning 100+ companies.