Digital Transformation is at the core of every business today but are organizations making a success of the overall transformation journey? Who is struggling and who is establishing a leadership position?

In our 2012 research with MIT Sloan School of Management, we established that a high-performing cohort of organizations – digital masters – outperformed their peers in every industry. We have now undertaken new research to gain a similarly deep understanding of transformational progress and understand which leaders have established mastery of digital today.

We surveyed more than 1,300 executives in over 750 global organizations. Six years on from our original research, organizations have had time to build capability and experience in driving digital transformation and one would expect them to be further ahead of the game than in 2012.

Digital Mastery - DTI 2018

But our research finds the opposite, or at least not a clear advancement. Organizations are struggling to turn their investments into real progress. This might reflect the dizzying pace of change in technologies, as organizations must adapt to yet another technology (artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, etc.) and because business model disruption is so intense and fast moving.

Find out more why companies are struggling with their digital transformations and see what the digital masters do differently.

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