An important response to the increasing cost of healthcare in the United States has been the shift of financial risk from the payer to the provider. Our latest report, driven by Capgemini Consulting in collaboration with Omnicom Health Group, summarizes seminal research across 866 physicians to better understand how providers are responding to this paradigm change to a value-based environment. As providers organize differently to achieve their clinical and business goals, the role and expectations for the pharmaceutical industry will also need to evolve.

Financial Risk Health Care

The study demonstrates the impact of value-based care on treatment selection, as ~40% of healthcare providers ranked Real-World Evidence (RWE) as the most important data informing their prescribing decisions. This marks the first time we have seen RWE outpace clinical trial data as the primary data source influencing provider decision-making.

The pharmaceutical industry will need to take note and reframe how they demonstrate their value, particularly among Organized Providers (e.g., IHNs, ACOs) who possess the infrastructure required to generate this data.

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