Not many companies successfully deliver a great digital customer experience and enjoy the rewards. There are, however, some notable exceptions:

  • 17 million customers use Starbucks’ mobile app1. Not only does it allow consumers to place and pay for an order before reaching a store and pick it up without waiting in line, it’s also a platform where members can redeem loyalty rewards. Within eight months of its release in 2015, it was processing over seven million mobile orders a month.
  • Nordstrom, the American luxury retailer, offers customers a host of digital services: mobile checkout, the ability to text salespeople, and a personalized digital clothing service. It reported e-commerce sales of over $2.5 billion, representing nearly a quarter of its full-price sales for FY 20162.

What makes these leaders and other firms like them stand out in terms of the digital customer experience? What kind of gains can organizations expect to see when they prioritize the digital customer experience and execute on it?

What digital customer experience leaders teach us about reconnecting with customers

To find answers to these and other questions, we conducted a large research exercise, reaching out to 450 executives and 3,300 consumers in sectors that included Utilities, Consumer Products, Retail Banking, Retail and Internet-based services.