Uncertainty governs today’s public sector. Drastic budget cuts, the urge for transparency and political volatility put public sector employees and their political representatives to the test. The more so in view of rapidly arising technologies.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of those digital innovations that can fundamentally change society including the public sector and its public servants. It may even help shape a new role and give new legitimacy to the public sector and governments in general. AI solutions (e.g. chatbots, process automation and image recognition software) transform public sector work and the public sector workforce.

Nine Consciousness Levels AI

Will human public servants, judges and doctors become a thing of the past? Will virtual council workers, automated legal file sorters and Google DeepMind disease diagnoses determine our future?

Capgemini Consulting researched the economic and societal potential of AI in the public sector, as well as corresponding risks and implementation challenges. We present a five-step implementation plan to realise the potential of AI and give recommendations on how to overcome implementation challenges and enhance public sector progress.

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