How telcos can successfully launch mobile application stores.

Mobile application stores have gained considerable attention in the recent past, and in particular the success of Apple’s application store for the iPhone has established online storefronts as an important distribution channel for mobile content and applications.

This has led device players, operating systems vendors, and many mobile operators to launch their own application stores. For operators, application stores can be an important lever to grow data revenues, however they will need to compete with device and OS vendor stores to attract consumers and developers to their storefronts, as well as develop sustainable revenue streams from application stores.

In this paper Capgemini recommends that operators launch platform-agnostic applications stores, and support non-device specific platforms in order to target a wider subscriber base. They should also experiment with innovative pricing models in order to maximize revenue potential from storefronts and grow new revenue streams through the provision of white-label services. The paper concludes that the opportunity for operators requires a strong operational strategy in order for their application store offering to be a success.