Control costs and maintain customer satisfaction to be competitive and profitable when competition rises

In this third European Multi-Client Retail Utilities B2C Benchmark, Capgemini Consulting analyzes the three cost levers that drive the retail utilities’ profitability: Cost to Serve (CtS), Cost to Acquire (CtA) and Marketing Costs. The objective of the Multi-Client Study is to help retail companies assess their current setup and compare it with European best practices. The analysis also helps to understand the growing differences and associated strategies through which retail companies can have a better view of how to operate with lower CtS, CtA and Marketing Costs.

Capgemini Consulting’s European Multi-Client Retail B2C Utilities Benchmark series is unique in the industry, thanks to the 39 participants in the current third edition, growing from 20 participants in the very first edition launched in May 2009. With participants from 17 countries, the latest sample covers almost all large EU member states that are at different stages of full retail competition.

Discover the key findings of the benchmark study in this Point of View.