It is the age of the digital customer. And digital customer experience is something that most companies have on top of their agenda. It is not hard to see why. In a survey, 70% of respondents said that good service had a considerable influence on their loyalty and 69% would recommend the company to others. The reverse is also true. Poor customer experience drives customers away.

Research shows that nearly 89% of customers walk away from a company after a single poor customer experience. And this can have a significant impact. Businesses are estimated to lose as much as 20% of revenue from poor customer experiences.

And this is precisely the reason we chose to focus the sixth edition of our Digital Transformation Review on Customer Experience. How can organizations create compelling digital customer experiences that work? We posed this very question to a diverse panel from around the world.

Our panel for this edition includes industry leaders, academics, startup founders, platform vendors and technology gurus. They come from all over the world, including the home of innovation in the digital age — Silicon Valley