Organizations across sectors are realizing the transformative power of digital. However, while there is increased appreciation of digital’s role, many organizations are struggling to take their transformation initiatives to the next level. They are caught struggling for pace, and risk falling in the chasm between initiation and termination of transformation initiatives. In this edition we aim to help business leaders understand how to accelerate their efforts at transforming digitally

The fourth edition of Capgemini Consulting’s Digital Transformation Review business journal includes perspectives of digital leaders from around the world as well as thought-leading thinking from Capgemini Consulting and the MIT Center for Digital Business:

  • Joe Gross, Head of Group Market Management at Allianz, shares his views on why organizations should make digital part of their DNA.
  • Khalifa Al Shamsi, Chief Digital Services Officer at Etisalat, expands on how a Digital Services Unit is helping Etisalat accelerate its digital transformation.
  • Markus Nordlin, the CIO of Zurich Insurance, discusses the evolving role of a CIO in the context of a digital transformation.
  • Adam Pisoni, Co-Founder and CTO of Yammer, discusses his view of social networks within a corporate environment and how they can drive employee engagement.
  • Capgemini Consulting’s latest research with the MIT Center for Digital Business on the role of engagement as a tool for accelerating digital transformation.
  • Kris Duggan, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Badgeville, a leading provider of gamification platforms, outlines his perspectives on how companies can use gamification techniques to better engage with employees.
  • Martha Lane Fox, the UK’s digital champion, explains how digital can help governments drive change and engage the digital citizen.

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