In the new digital economy, we are in the midst of a third industrial revolution comparable in scale and impact to the introduction of electrification. Digital technology has the potential to improve corporate performance and reach radically, leading to demonstrably better financial performance. However, while the potential of digital is clear, how to practically deliver on a digital vision is less so.

In the third Digital Transformation Review, we aim to help business leaders understand more about the managerial and change challenge that they are facing.

We look at how an organization defines its digital vision, how to drive change through effective governance and a people strategy, and how to seize the opportunity offered by big data. We also offer a fresh perspective from pioneers across the globe, looking at an Indian organization’s approach to innovation in healthcare.

The third edition of Capgemini Consulting’s Digital Transformation Review includes articles from:

  • Pfizer: Think Digital First by John Young and Kristin Peck
  • MIT talks governance by MIT and Capgemini Consulting
  • The people factor by Capgemini Consulting
  • Big data, big results by Capgemini Consulting
  • Companies to watch by Ateliers BNP Paribas
  • PRISA talks about digital leadership by Kamal Bherwani
  • A revolution in healthcare by Dr Devi Shetty

Digital Transformation Review: N° 03: Digital Transformation: Making It Happen