The Capgemini Digital Playbook is a comprehensive and informative guide to help us all bring the digital customer experience vision to life. It contains a wide range of assets, tools and methods tailored to the unique and evolving needs of every single customer as they continue their digital transformation journeys.

It approaches the delivery of Digital Transformation initiatives from both a business and technology perspective. It contains all the assets, tools and methods we have successfully used in diverse client transformations in recent years to deliver end-to-end strategy and technology integration.

The Digital Playbook covers both business and technology change, breaking down our DCX offer into three Delivery Focus Areas. These are components of the digital customer experience transformation, encompassing external end customers (the consumers of services and products), internal customers (users of IT and digital processes), and suppliers, partners and operations teams across the digital supply chain. The three Delivery Focus Areas are Customer Experience, People/Organization, and Operations.