There is little arguing the benefits and disruptive potential of Big Data. However, many organizations have not fully embedded Big Data in their operations. In fact, our research shows that only 13% have achieved full-scale production for their Big Data implementations. The most troubling development is that most organizations are failing to benefit from their investments. Only 27% of respondents described their Big Data initiatives as “successful” and only 8% described them as “very successful”.

So, how can organizations make Big Data operational? There are many factors that go into the making of a successful Big Data implementation. However, the single biggest factor that we observed in our research was that organizations that have a strong operating model stood apart. This operating model has multiple distinct elements, which include, among others, a well-defined organizational structure, systematic implementation plan, and strong leadership support. For instance, success rates for organizations with an analytics business unit are nearly 2.5 times those that have ad-hoc, isolated teams. The report highlights the key factors for successful Big Data implementations.

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