financial services

Growth in the Machine

How financial services can move intelligent automation from a cost play to a growth strategy

The Secret to Winning Customers’ Hearts with Artificial Intelligence: Add Human Intelligence

Consumers are increasingly aware and satisfied by AI-enabled experiences, but expect the human presence.

Understanding Digital Mastery Today

Why companies are struggling with their digital transformation

digital telco

Digital Identity: A contest for control

In a digital age where we see a continuous trend towards ‘online’ applications, customers are increasingly asked to share their identity attributes with providers of online services. This has led to the emergence of identities that only exist in the digital space, called “digital” identities.

Digital Engineering: The new growth engine for discrete manufacturers

Digital technologies are reshaping the manufacturing landscape.


The Foundations of Corporate Innovation in the Digital Age

How Can Corporations Manage Innovation in the Digital Era? We summarize our findings through three questions that are key to innovation in a digital world.

financial services

World Insurance Report 2018

Business-as-usual within the insurance industry is coming to an end. The World Insurance Report 2018 from Capgemini and Efma highlights the need for insurers to have digital agility, cater to customer demands and create future-ready operating models to stay ahead of BigTech competition.

digital GDPR

Seizing the GDPR Advantage: From mandate to high-value opportunity

Looking beyond the compliance side of GDPR

Cybersecurity in Retail

The new source of competitive advantage for retailers

automotive digital manufacturing

Automotive Smart Factories

Putting Automotive Manufacturers in the Digital Industrial Revolution Driving Seat


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