Source, a leading market analyst group for the consulting industry, assesses firms’ Thought Leadership performance through its White Space initiative. Its latest report[2] recognizes the model that Capgemini Consulting has put in place to drive great content through enabling its best experts, from across the organization, to work hand-in-hand with its Digital Transformation Institute – Capgemini Consulting’s think tank on all things digital. The report states “Capgemini Consulting’s consistently good content is driven by a central team [the Digital Transformation Institute] in partnership with experts around the consulting organization. The firm is particularly good at finding new angles on topical issues and using secondary research to good effect.”

Since the creation of the Digital Transformation Institute in 2012, Capgemini Consulting has risen quickly through the Source rankings due to both the depth of its research into the business implications of the digital economy, and also the relentlessly high standard of its content.

Rachel Ainsworth, Head of Thought Leadership Strategies and Solutions at Source said: “Capgemini Consulting has consistently maintained its approach towards high quality thought leadership content. Its ability to address topical issues coupled with excellent research has been the key driver to sustaining its high ranking year-on-year.”

“We are delighted to see the quality of the research produced by our Digital Transformation Institute being recognized by Source,” commented Jerome Buvat, Global Head of the Digital Transformation Institute at Capgemini Consulting. “We are working really hard to deliver the most exciting research to help our clients advance their digital transformation agendas.”

Capgemini Consulting’s recent research on innovation published in partnership with Brian Solis from Altimeter, a Prophet Company, – Why and how businesses are investing in innovation centers – was highlighted as one of the top scoring papers by Source. The paper explains how companies should redefine their innovation approaches for the digital age.

Capgemini Consulting is widely recognized for delivering superior thought leadership content; it was also awarded as the “best consultancy brand” by a reputed industry forum earlier this year.