Customers want to be connected via seamless digital channels with the manufacturer, service providers and their own vehicle. Therefore automotive incumbents should transform their product oriented strategy to a customer and service oriented strategy. There is abundant evidence that the automotive landscape is changing as we speak. It requires companies throughout the whole value chain to become fit for the digital future, so from suppliers to dealerships there is a call for action to embark on the journey of connected – customers, insights, manufacturing and operations.

Fuel Your Transformation

We help you to fuel your digital transformation on the basis of three enablers. First and foremost, put the customer at the centre of everything you do in your company. Second, make sure that you transform data into a competitive advantage. In addition, make use of innovative technologies to bring operations & engineering to the next level. Thirdly, to realize the transformation, align your organization and people’s readiness.

Driving Digital Value in Automotive

Digital is a powerful disruptive force, both for business and in our social lives.

Digital Transformation is rapidly gaining pace and this speed further disrupts the market. It’s transforming the way in which businesses interact with their customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders. For example the ability to gather, analyze and interpret big data creates opportunities for Automotive OEMs, Suppliers, Dealerships and Retailers. It enables them to better understand their customers and put them at the heart of new developments.

The challenge for Automotive companies and suppliers is how best to exploit the opportunities Digital Transformation is offering? How can they change ways of working and cultural attitudes in order to fully benefit from new digital technologies, big data and the connected enterprise? How do they move their business models from being product-oriented to customer-centric, using data-derived insight as an enabler of innovation and value creation?

To become digital leaders, organizations in the Automotive industry must accelerate their response to new customer behaviors and adapt their business models. They have to shift their focus away from designing, producing and selling products and move instead towards providing innovative, targeted services throughout the customer journey.

Assets & Value Proposition

Capgemini Consulting offers practical, insightful and game-changing ways to address these challenges. We draw on our own key research findings to provide trusted insight, including our Cars Online annual survey, Online Change Toolbox, Automotive Insights Laboratory, Digital Manufacturing & Operations Framework as well as our Digital Transformation global research with MIT.

Our AutomotiveConnect offerings for: OEM’s, Suppliers, Retailers, Commercial Vehicles and Heavy Equipment Manufacturers are helping clients prepare for, plan and roll out successful and sustainable Digital Transformation initiatives. Each consulting proposition has enabled automotive industry organizations to continue their digital endeavors with confidence and realize tangible benefits. Looking ahead, our clients will benefit still further from our consulting support around future digital enablement.

Our automotive offerings help to establish a competitive advantage and become fit for the Digital future through:

  • Increased top-line growth from digital products, services and innovations
  • Improved efficiency and productivity by reaping the benefits of the digital value chain
  • Increased market share by remaining relevant for your customers, B2C and B2B
  • Enhanced profitability with new automotive business & operating models