Capgemini Consulting – founded on a rich consulting heritage

The Capgemini Consulting business today is founded on a rich consulting history and heritage. The creation of Gemini Consulting in the 1990s, from an industry-defining merger combining the strategic expertise of the Mac Group and the operational improvement capability of United Research, signalled a new chapter in the consulting industry. Gemini Consulting’s ‘Business Transformation’ philosophy and capability delivered a new level of client value from strategy to implementation consulting and anticipated the industry’s move to multi-disciplinary consulting. Building on its early success, Gemini Consulting continued its growth and market leadership with the integration of Gruber Titze and Partners in Germany, Bossard in France and the consulting business of Ernst & Young.
Capgemini Consulting continues to build on this strong strategy and management consulting legacy and today, with its Digital Transformation focus, is again driving the new business transformation agenda of its global clients.
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