Capgemini’s InnovatorsRace50 celebrates the life and times of Capgemini Group founder Serge Kampf, the values that embody the Group and the spirit of innovation. Across five themes (GovTech & Social Enterprises, FinTech & Mobility, Consumers & Well-Being, Digital Processes & Transformation, Data & Security), 50 startups were shortlisted to receive the Serge Kampf entrepreneurship and innovation award: equity-free funding of $50,000.

The Top 10 businesses have been selected, and in this fourth part of a five-part series, we’ll take a look at the customer experience aspects of the two businesses in the Digital Processes & Transformation category.

Digital Processes & Transformation

Cupris Health (United Kingdom)

Today, GPs are overwhelmed, hospitals have huge waiting lists and remote areas have limited access to healthcare. Most ‘telemedicine’ solutions focus on providing video/text communication tools and miss a significant part of the consultation: the clinical examination.

Cupris bridges this gap and leverages smartphone technology to develop affordable high-quality medical devices that can be used by everyone to capture clinical images and safely send them to doctors and receive their remote diagnosis.

Their secure messaging software allows clinicians to safely discuss with healthcare assistants and patients, and exchange high-quality clinical images, texts, skip-logic questionnaires and other data simply and rapidly. Importantly, the solution extends care to remote areas to increase healthcare access all over the world.

The customer experience angle: A big focus from Cupris is access and availability. Enabling something as fundamental as healthcare for millions of people worldwide is a major advancement, and doing so in a way in which allows a two-way dialogue between doctors and patients, regardless of location. A single view of data is key here, and the combination of diagnosis data with the questionnaire data, images and other important pieces of information makes for an incredibly rich and robust consultation. The applications of this technology aren’t just limited to personal consumer care. Businesses and travel companies could provide travellers with additional options when abroad, remaining in touch with the doctor that knows their health history. Reaching even further, it could have military applications for those deployed abroad and in need of ongoing medical care.

TensorFlight (Australia)

TensorFlight are an image recognition company, enabling automated object counting on aerial imagery. The platform can recognize and count many object types, like trees, cars, or certain animals by uploading pictures taken by a drone (or from an aeroplane). The images are automatically converted to an orthomosaic map and analysed by the platform.

Currently, this type of work is generally done manually from ground level (e.g. forest inspections) or done manually from drone or aeroplane imagery. TensorFlight have developed a neural network that replicates the way human vision recognizes certain objects and does it quickly and automatically.

The model is improved on an iterative basis, adding new object types and customizations as required. In order to do this, pictures of new objects are added by users, which are then labelled and then embedded in the model, ready for automated counting.

The customer experience angle: This automated, artificial intelligence approach is a major improvement on the current manual option. With so much manual, human involvement there is always a risk that the information is at risk of human error. As new industries find a need for this type of innovation – such as agriculture, forestry and even insurance – the offering develops to benefit all those involved, in a pseudo-crowd-sourcing manner. Data is available more quickly, and more effectively as the platform evolves and learns.

The finals

The Top 10 finalists will now go through the mentorship phase, culminating in the Grand Finale at VivaTech, Paris in June 2017 where five winners will be announced – one from each theme.

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