Capgemini’s InnovatorsRace50 celebrates the life and times of Capgemini Group founder Serge Kampf, the values that embody the Group and the spirit of innovation. Across five themes (GovTech & Social Enterprises, FinTech & Mobility, Consumers & Well-Being, Digital Processes & Transformation, Data & Security), 50 startups were shortlisted to receive the Serge Kampf entrepreneurship and innovation award: equity-free funding of $50,000.

The Top 10 businesses have been selected, and in this final part of a five-part series, we’ll take a look at the customer experience aspects of the two businesses in the Data & Security category.

Data & Security

Ouistiti (France)

Ouistiti is a decision-making tool for marketing teams who want to gather all the data from their market in just a few clicks. In a world where more and more purchases are made online, the competitive intensity has exploded. It has become fundamental for brands to constantly compare themselves to competitors. Today, tracking of product’s performance is time-consuming. Data compilation is done manually. It is often a long and tedious job that guarantees neither the quality nor the exhaustiveness of the data.

Oustiti’s machine learning technology allows them to intelligently collect and interpret data, and an algorithm ensures reliable, fresh and high-quality data in real time. Intuitive and easy to use dashboards make decision making easier for business users.

Ouistiti provides an exhaustive overview of the market by comparing prices, depths of range, current promotions, current trends and product characteristics of the market. Businesses are able to monitor the performance of their products, carry out daily monitoring of the market, identify opportunities for development and growth drivers and refine their sales and marketing strategy.

The customer experience angle: The first step that many businesses take in becoming more customer-centric and adaptive to today’s digitally-led environment, is to improve their data capture and processing capabilities. However, data is everywhere, and it can be overwhelming for the everyday business users that will have to make sense of the data. Platforms like Ouisiti can help businesses to understand their data more quickly and effectively so that it can be used to improve the customer experience and therefore business performance.

Foxintelligence (France)

Foxintelligence makes any email inbox smarter, creating value for both consumers and companies.

From a consumer perspective, Foxintelligence can analyze the email inbox to look for any transactional emails (product delivery, train ticket etc.) that could be turned into a cash opportunity, if a reason to make a claim is detected (for example, a delay, price drop, surcharge etc.).

From a business perspective, Foxintelligence can provide marketing intelligence on eCommerce for retailers, brands and analysts, utilising a dataset which is based on millions of anonymized e-receipts retrieved from consumer member base.

Many eCommerce retailers refuse to share their transactional data, unlike brick-and-mortar retailers, which means that traditional data intelligence businesses cannot help brands and analysts understand the online share of their industry. Through their two apps, Foxintelligence have created a solid source of transaction-based market-intelligence, allowing anyone to get access to any topline KPI of any eCommerce company.

The customer experience angle: Anything which can make a painful process – such as getting a product refund, a transport delay repayment and so on – easier is a big bonus for consumers. This is made even better if it is managed intelligently and the customer is alerted without any initial involvement themselves. This experience is available from some businesses, but if customers are given the opportunity to apply one solution across a number of retailers and businesses to reach the desired outcome, this is a powerful customer experience.

The finals

The Top 10 finalists will now go through the mentorship phase, culminating in the Grand Finale at VivaTech, Paris in June 2017 where five winners will be announced – one from each theme.

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