Dr. Didier Bonnet, Senior Vice President and Global Practice Leader at Capgemini Consulting, was featured this week on the Harvard Business Review blog. His post, titled “Convincing Employees to Use New Technology,” addresses an often misunderstood element of digital transformation: user adoption.
Digital transformation is not just about implementing the latest apps and mobile devices and CRM suites. Rather, it is about leveraging technology to change people, change mindsets, change behavior, and fundamentally transform organizations to best respond to the digital challenges facing modern-day business.
In “Convincing Employees to Use New Technology,” Dr. Bonnet examines how an excessive focus on technology — specifically, technology deployment — combined with insufficient regard for business outcomes can turn the most ambitious digital solutions into a dusty grab bag of unused “shelfware.” User adoption is a critical and often missing part of the digital transformation equation. Remember, new technologies only benefit employees when they actually use them.
Chief Information Officers can no longer sit at the back of the bus inside the modern corporation. With the help of “in the know” CEOs, CIOs are becoming the pointy tip of the digital spear across industries. Their responsibilities are shifting away from process expertise, functional administration, and practical management, and toward domain expertise, innovative leadership, and front-line decision-making. The emergence of what we at Capgemini Consulting call the Chief Digital Officer, exemplified in the real-world by former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts’ decision to put Burberry’s CIO front and center, means the scope of responsibility for enterprises’ IT organizations will only continue to expand.
Forward-thinking CIOs can enhance their impact on top and bottom lines by thinking about the deployment of digital capabilities less in terms of technical details and more in terms of employee activation. Precisely what do we want our employees to do (or be able to do) with these technology solutions? What do we want to enable? Collaboration among users? Smarter decision making? Sharing of best practices?
Capgemini Consulting’s Adoption-Centered Experience change management methodology provides organizations with a tailored user adoption framework that covers the necessary strategy, governance, processes, and tools to enhance return on digital investments:

So when you think digital transformation, think user adoption. And if you are interested in learning more about user adoption and how Capgemini Consulting can help deliver a delightful adoption experience to your employees, contact Jace Cole, Business & Technology Innovation Practice Leader for North America.
Digital is here. Are your employees ready?