For the first time in history, businesses are no longer confined to exclusionary, zero-sum approaches to decision making. The concurrent rise of Integrative Thinking–the theory and methodology developed by Roger Martin–in management circles and the rise of SMAC (social, mobile, analytics, and cloud) technologies for the enterprise, has led to a wholesale democratization of business. Organizations and markets have become too complex for even the smartest people on the planet to understand. Despite the best efforts of economists, the business world operates under conditions of perpetual opacity. Trying to always be agile, nimble, and innovative to contend with this opacity comes at a cost–but so does trying to be rational, structured, and consistent. Companies today struggle to react to the pressures of external inputs (market fluctuations, global politics, and competitors) while also successfully managing internal ones (human capital, technology, and supply chain). What, choices, then, is a CxO left with?
Capgemini Consulting is at the forefront of this new trend of what we are calling the emergence of the Integrative Enterprise. As businesses seek to Digitally Transform, the conversation on how to compete in the new world of business has taken a dramatic and unexpected turn. The idea that businesses must choose between binary options — between, for example, becoming a large, highly rationalized Fortune 500 corporation such as BP, or a perennially fast-moving Silicon Valley start-up such as Facebook — is a falsity. In fact, the most successful businesses in the next decade will abandon what Jim Collins calls “the Tyranny of the Or” for “the Genius of the And”–without even realizing it.
Integrative Thinking and SMAC technologies combined offer a solution in the Integrative Enterprise, a way for established companies to harness the very best of Silicon Valley start-ups on an immense scale. At the same time, emerging players can now savor the same benefits enjoyed exclusively by large organizations with seemingly limitless coffers. By pairing a leading strategic methodology with the most powerful and flexible technologies, Capgemini Consulting is helping businesses craft both a strategic response to external conditions and a tactical response to internal ones. The Integrative Enterprise will unify these inputs into a holistic framework for winning at the game of business and innovation.